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I.M.C.A. - International Media 

    Certification Association

Investing in superb actors, artists, producers, V.P.'s and design professionals and their creative freedom is at the base of our work. Our staff works tirelessly to find new indie & major film projects, elite  fantasy groups, & future gamer companies to help them reach their potential in the business and connect to fans.  We support these industries, by recognizing excellence through our International, Bronze, Gold, Platinum & Indie Film Certifications. Our goal is protecting copyrights, and maintaining a high level of production standards.

Our Services

Film  Certification

As with the RIAA in the music industry, I.M.C.A - Media is certainly focused on  carving our niche in certifying film sales at the box office globally.

Gamer Certification

Now more than ever. the gaming industry has exploded in every corner of the globe. We here at I.M.C.A. are certainly excited to meet their needs.

Indie Film Certification

More times than not, indie films don't receive the glamour or accolades that the major box office movie gets. That's all about to change!


“We have worked with the I.M.C.A not only in America, but also in Canada. 

They have successfully aligned themselves with some industry heavy hitters, and are considered the go to company for film certification.” 

Amy Terrill - Exec. Vice President
Music Canada


Find out about I.M.C.A and more.

You can learn more about the Launch of I.M.C.A. Media as the story elegantly unfolds. We are committed to giving the numbers associated with each individual certification, in each respective industry. We'd also like to thank our big business allies in advance for their support, and we'll see you on the Red Carpet in 2020.

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