I.M.C.A. Indie Film   Certification

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With all due respect, whatever your view is on the indie film culture in the U.S. is, we here at the I.M.C.A. are not taking a critics view. We understand that every low budget film is not going to wow industry critics and rock the box office. With that being said, it's definitely our job to reward those breakthrough gems the come along every so often.

So our primary focus then becomes seeking out those finely tuned pieces of artistry, and award those who are directly responsible for making our eye lids stand still for an hour and a half.


The point of it all, is to change the standard awards system that currently exists in film and movies, and give the hard-hat, blue-collar film maker a seat at the table...as well as their just due.


The I.M.C.A. collectively as a group, has formed an incredible team of professionals to do just that. Matter of fact, because of the reputable indie film festivals nationwide such as Sundance, we look forward to getting our hands dirty and finding those stand alone, visually entertaining, heart throbbing masterpieces, that make an aggressive attempt to change our thought process and view of life.

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We do hear the industry chatter and debate though, with regards to if indie film makers should stop making movies or not. Simply speaking, it's not our job to entertain that question. But we will say that any form of stifled creativity ultimately cannot be a plus for any industry.

We love film as much as you do, so let's stay focused here. Soon you will find examples and future designs of some very elegant awards the I.M.C.A. will share before we pay homage to those era changing independent films from the past. Ultimately, we want to give you the  visual pleasure that is associated with the product line that will be unveiled via our partnered company - Next Level Film And Trailer Awards


What we can share now, is that you've probably never lended an eye to the kind of certified, custom plaque awards that will soon be available to the marketplace. As with all good secrets, we'd like to keep it that way.  See you on the Red Carpet in 2020!


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