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Everyone has that favorite movie that they can almost quote word for word, simply because you know it so well. Here at the International Media Certification Association, we realize that very successful movies and their accolades shouldn't just go to the actors and directors. For those who do work in the industry, you know that there is a whole team of professionals that contribute significantly to the box office success. So why aren't there some sort of awards given to those who perfect the marketing strategies, promotional details, and make the trailers that ultimately help generate that global success?


Well we have put together our own team of professionals, who share the same sentiments. With the assistance of our partner company - Next Level Film And Trailer Awards, we've come up with some very unique award concepts that are designed specifically for film.

The beauty of it is, they've never been done before, and they will immediately warrant the respect of the industry leaders with the validation of our I.M.C.A. hologram seal of approval! Not only are our products high quality, but they are designed with changing the culture of the awards giving process in mind.


So if you're a CEO,  V.P. marketing executive, or creative design professional on any major movie lot, you might want to make room in your home or office  for some very elegant hardware!

As we prepare for the initial launch late this Fall or early 2020, we modestly anticipate the embrace of the film industry. Our focus ultimately though, is to build very healthy and successful relationships along the way that will warrant effective longevity.   


The feather in our proverbial cap, is that we have a sincere appreciation and genuine respect for those iconic films that changed their era like the Casablanca'sBreakfast at Tiffany'sDirty Dancing, Jaws, The Godfather, Scarface, 48 Hours,  Forest Gump, Friday, and Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2.  Part of our future strategy, is to go back and pay homage to these kinds of iconic movies and the incredible impact they've had exclusively on the industry. To show our love and undying respect to art of filming and commitment to excellence, we've given you a beautiful nostalgic visual reminder above. Take your time, and Enjoy.


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