From the inception of Owners I Eric M. Tavares and Phil Brewster's relationship, it was apparent that they had a like minded view of both the music & film industries. As respected professionals of each corresponding big business, they realized there's a void in the film awards process. The decision was made then and there, to change the film industries culture with certified awards for box office, and online streaming sales.


Within the film industry, the (movie-trailer) is generally considered the driving force behind maximum box office and streaming sales. So with Mr. Tavares, as proud owner of Next Level Gold And Platinum Records, and Mr. Brewster's 20 year stint working with film and trailer editing, they collectively decided to merge their expertise in both industries to create an International Certified Media Association that would be well respected, as well as prominent within all global media avenues.  But  their primary focus would deliberately be rendering in Film and Television. 


Now that the I.M.C.A has been branded as the certified global leader in media awards, they have successfully aligned themselves with some of the various industry heavy hitters, such as the IMDb, Variety Magazine, and The Hollywood Reporter. This kind of commitment to excellence, as well as their pertinent focus on the (behind the scene's) professionals, is undoubtedly the driving force towards their future success. Because of the niche they've carved, and their relationships with celebrities, CEO's and V.P.'s, they have a very special view of the industry. This view, ultimately warrants a very healthy respect towards all forms of art, and how it is reflected in the award giving process. 


What we as a team intend on accomplishing, is to merge elegantly into the industry as the RIAA of Film I TV I Gaming I and Fantasy commerce collectively. With that being said, we look forward to building very healthy and successful relationships with each respective industries who's who, along the way. When it's all said and done, the dedicated but forgotten professionals that give their all in making the final product a success in their respective trade, will finally get the recognition they deserve. 

Don't Follow The Trend. Be The Trend.

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Why Choose I.M.C.A. Media as the Global Industry Certified Leader?